Are You Canadian? Cruz, Trump Supporter Face Off

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Ted Cruz confronts Trump supporter

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) confronts a Donald Trump supporter outside of an Indiana restaurant.

Ted Cruz went head to head with a Trump supporter outside a restaurant in Marion, Indiana, confronting the man over the front-runner’s violence while seeking his support.

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“If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn’t have come over and talk to you, I wouldn’t have shown you that respect in fact, you know what I would have done, I would have told the folks over there go over and punch those guys in the face. That’s what Donald does to protesters…In fact he say’s I’ll pay your legal fees if you punch him in the face”

“You’re lying like you always do,” said the Trump supporter.

Cruz continued to explain why he felt Trump was an incompetent candidate before the supporter interrupted “Indiana doesn’t want you.”

Cruz responded: “a question that everyone here should ask do you want your kids repeating the words of Donald Trump? Would you be proud if your kids came home cursing and yelling and insulting?”

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