Anti-Trump frenzy has reached a crescendo: Varney

Here is the big story:

The anti-Trump frenzy has reached a crescendo. The president is "unfit for office.” He is "mentally unstable.” There are calls for him to be removed. Use the 25th Amendment to get him out.

Sure looks like desperation doesn’t it? Call Trump nuts and kick him out? Laughable. And really dangerous. The BBC actually asked Britain’s prime minister if he was fit for office. This at a time when our president is confronting a real lunatic: Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

It just shows the left will do anything, absolutely anything, to stop the Trump train. Because ... his first year in office has been very successful. Much stronger economic growth. Super-low unemployment. The lowest jobless rate for black folks in a generation. A $7 trillion addition to the nation's wealth, and an America-first foreign policy. It’s a long list of successes. And the left sees it and worries.

They hoped Russia, Russia, Russia would bring impeachment. Instead, it’s the anti-Trump cabal within the government that is being investigated. They hoped, and expected, the economy would tank. It didn't. And they predicted the market would crash. Instead, we have a stock rally for the ages.

So now, along comes a book from a rabid Trump-hater, chock full of gossip, and the media jumps on it as some kind of lifeline for their never-ending contempt. That is desperation. Since when has gossip been a valid reason to remove a very successful president?

I keep a close eye on the president's approval rating. For much of the past 12 months, it’s been in the 30% range. Not good. But guess what? The RealClearPolitics average approval has jumped to the 40% mark. Trump has gone over the head of the hateful media, and people who like what they see.