‘Angel mom’: Politicians abandoning its citizens for illegal immigrants

A mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant is blaming political officials for focusing on protecting illegal immigrants and not their fellow citizens.

Mary Ann Mendoza’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was killed in a head-on collision by an illegal immigrant drunk driver in 2014. She told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs that some Congressional leaders are fighting for MS-13 gang members to remain in the U.S.

“There’s over 900,000 convicted illegal alien felons roaming our streets and this is where the problem has to stop,” she said.

Mendoza said she has reached out to lawmakers urging them to prioritize their domestic agenda and shift their focus toward helping Americans.

“My son, a respected police officer, their fellow citizen, means nothing to them,” she said on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Monday.