An unleashed Trump is a winner of the November elections: Varney

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Running America will become even more of a Trump show: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on what to expect from President Trump's leadership.

He's been on the job for 14 months. He's had his share of failures and disappointments. Now, he's going with his gut instinct. “Let Trump be Trump.” Well, you are now seeing Trump unleashed.

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He never liked the Iranian nuke deal. But he was constrained by the State Department's Rex Tillerson. Tillerson is now gone and that nuke deal is likely to be thrown out soon.

He campaigned against China's unfair trade practices. But he was constrained by top economic adviser Gary Cohn. Cohn is gone, and the administration has taken a very strong negotiating position right up front. According to The Wall Street Journal, China is now quietly looking for "trade solutions.” He brought them to the table.

And then there's the spending bill. The president really didn't like it. He's not happy with the politicians who came up with it. And now he says he won't sign anything like it again.

You get the impression that Donald Trump has had it! He's done playing defense with Robert Mueller. He's done with the endless leaks. And he's done with Cabinet members who couldn't quite go along with the Trump revolution. There's a new team in place, and it reflects the president's ideas – it reflects Trump.

If anything, running the country will become even more of a Trump show than it has been already. The president is supremely confident. He thinks he's dead right. And certainly on economic issues, he has been dead right. Deregulation and tax cuts did produce a surge in growth and employment, just as he said they would. And on China, he's right: they have been stealing our technology, and keeping us out of their market. And the president has to take a strong stand to get things even part-way fixed.

So what will the unleashed Trump do next? More tax changes (he's already pushed that hard), build the wall (it will be a fight, but he wants to start building now) and fixing immigration (he's got a plan and the Democrats do not).

This is really all about the November elections. The president is confident that an unleashed Trump is a winner.

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