AG Brnovich: Arizona Seeing Huge Spike in Money Transfers to Middle East

When it comes to immigration and the economy, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich told the FOX Business Network on the eve of the Arizona primary that his state has seen the consequences of having an unsecured, enforced border.

“Just six months ago, there were six folks apprehended from Middle Eastern countries from Pakistan and Afghanistan at our border,” he said.

Not only are Arizonians concerned about the economy, but Brnovich also explained why people are worried about national security.

“I know when you talk to the ranchers down there, they’re concerned because they have found coins from the Middle East. We’ve seen a huge spike in the money transfers coming from places like Nogales on the border to Middle Eastern countries,” he said.

UPDATE: After this report was published on Wednesday, Mia Garcia, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s spokesperson, told the FOX Business Network that the AG “misspoke” Tuesday evening when he said on FBN’s election coverage that “We’ve seen a huge spike in money transfers coming from places like Nogales on the border, to Middle Eastern countries.” According to Garcia, the money transfers are coming in to Nogales, Arizona not going out from Nogales.

Agents from the AG office have been monitoring money wires coming from the Middle East, and at this point believe those wires have to do with trafficking.