Actions speak louder, stop apologizing: Kennedy

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Pompeo essentially apologized for Obama’s two-term apology tour: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rebuked former President Barack Obama’s 2009 Cairo address during a speech in Egypt.

Mike Pompeo gave former President Obama a stern dressing down at the American University in Cairo, essentially apologizing for the globalist's 2-term apology tour that wove from Europe through the Middle East in a nonstop, mopey "I'm sorry".

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There is no doubt President Obama did not make the world any safer, and misused American resources to create more Middle East vacuums than a Jordanian Hoover factory.

The question is not if the Obama era made the Middle East less stable, there is no doubt nothing improved while he was stinking up the joint; it's whether or not there is a cohesive "Trump Doctrine" and if that nebulous trisket amounts to more prosperity and less intervention.

Obama had an Iran fetish that was only satisfied by pacifying a rich and hegemonic terror sponsor with no real oversight or accountability. That maanifested in the disastrous Iran deal, as well as a hasty pullout in Iraq that still managed to impregnate the region with Isis.

Then he hamstrung the military with limited rules of engagement that made defeating the freedom-thwarting terrorists close to impossible. And he worsened the deadly situation in Afghanistan, and Gitmo is still open. Don't even start with North Korea where "strategic patience" sucked as hard as a Kardashian in an NBA locker room.

That's all in the past and is hopefully on the mend, but it remains to be seen whether this new Syrian vacuum will give rise to more unimaginable devils or if fickle free trade whims will reign dollars and opportunities where scud missiles once dotted the skies.


It's petty and unnecessary to air out American politics overseas for any administration when you can draw appropriate contrasts through action and not empty, flowery words that wilt when we resort to godawful habits like occupation and nation building.