4 to Watch: CEO vs. Worker Pay Gap

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1. Are CEOs Paid Too Much?

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CEOs of public companies are making a lot – and there’s a drastic difference between what their workers are taking home. But Melissa Francis asks: Does it matter? Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes says the ratio of executive pay to worker pay serves no one, and the idea that you could pay CEOs a pittance of what they’re currently making is preposterous. WSJ Assistant Editor James Freeman and Capitalistpig.com’s Jonathan Hoenig say the CEO should make more money – because they’re worth more to the success of the company.

2. Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Supermarket

Gerri Willis takes a look at the biggest price gougers on supermarket shelves, and the items that are marked up the most. Anything that’s pre-diced, pre-sliced or pre-chopped is likely marked up 40% says Kinoli Inc. consumer expert Andrea Woroch, and she says the same goes for name-brand cereal. She shares her tips for saving money at the grocery store.

3. Fallout from ObamaCare

President Obama met with Democrats about ObamaCare this week. But former Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) says Democrats, like Republicans, are beginning to worry the law could be a trainwreck. Hayworth, a doctor herself, agrees people are already paying too much for health care, but emphasizes the need for a common-sense solution to health-care costs, rather than ObamaCare.

4. Government Subsidies Bad for Business?

Neil Cavuto says the CEO of Siemens got pushed out for favoring green technologies that never paid off. Does Obama owe the former CEO an apology – and one to the American taxpayers, who were paying for green subsidies? Washington Examiner Columnist Timothy Carney on Siemens closing its solar energy unit after having received government subsidies.

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