These are the best (and worst) states for retirement

Almost one-quarter of Americans expect to never be able to afford retirement, but for the lucky individuals who saved up enough money, deciding where to spend their golden years is no easy feat.

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“Where to live is probably one of the most personal decisions one can make because it’s not just about preferences, it’s also about the financial considerations that are associated with it,” Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Bankrate, said.

Should you settle by the coast, live in a bustling metropolitan, or instead opt for a low-tax state that offers an affordable lifestyle?

Perhaps none of the above. According to a new survey from published on Wednesday, the best place to retire is Nebraska. That’s based on a number of different factors, including affordability, crime, culture, weather and wellness.

Although Nebraska lagged behind other states in terms of weather -- the Cornhusker state has a brisk average annual temperature of 49 degrees -- it fared well in other measures, ranking No.8 out of 50 states on wellness. In health care, Nebraska boasts 61 percent of the health measures that achieved the benchmark or better -- a higher percentage than about two-thirds of the other states.

It also falls within the top 15 for the cost category, making it a fairly affordable option for retirees looking to keep costs low.

Another Midwest state, Iowa, trailed Nebraska, coming in as the second best place to retire. The state ranked slightly better for affordability (No. 8) and scored within the top 20 states for culture.

It was followed by Missouri, South Dakota and Florida, a long-time haven for retirees.


Take a look at the complete ranking of states, and see where yours falls in terms of retirement:

1. Nebraska       

2. Iowa   

3. Missouri

4. South Dakota

5. Florida

6. Kentucky

7. Kansas

8. North Carolina

9. Montana

10. Hawaii

11. Arkansas

12. Wisconsin

13. North Dakota

14. Vermont

15. New Hampshire

16. Alabama

17. Texas

18. Idaho

19. Mississippi

20. Wyoming

21. Oklahoma

22. Tennessee

23. Massachusetts

24. Michigan

25. West Virginia

26. Ohio

27. Rhode Island

28. Georgia

29. Indiana

30. Connecticut

31. Maine

32. Delaware

33. Colorado

34. Pennsylvania

35. Utah

36. Louisiana

37. New Mexico

38. Arizona

39. Virginia

40. Minnesota

41. South Carolina

42. New Jersey

43. California

44. Oregon

45. Nevada

46. Washington

47. Illinois

48. Alaska

49. New York

50. Maryland