This unopened Nintendo video game could sell for big bucks

If you are a child of the late-1980s who was obsessed with the Nintendo Entertainment System, perhaps it’s time to dig around your old storage inventory to see if you still have the console or any games.

Scott Amos did exactly that when he was visiting his mother in Reno, Nevada during Mother's Day weekend. He went up to the attic of his childhood home to clean out some boxed items and came across a 1987 cult-classic video game.

An unopened copy of Nintendo’s “Kid Icarus” game, which was released on Dec. 8, 1988, was discovered and could now sell for up to $10,000 at an online auction. Amos told the Reno Gazette-Journal he found the video game cartridge in its original bag along with the receipt for $38.45 from J.C. Penney’s catalog department.

"All the family has been trying to come up with a hypothesis," he said. "[My mom] thinks she put it there and never got it back out, and then it ended up in the attic."

Amos said no one in the family home remembers purchasing the three-decade-old video game.

Nintendo developed its first multi-cartridge gaming system in 1983 with its near-arcade quality games. In 1985, the company released Super Mario Bros., the sequel to the 1983 Mario Bros. game. It became one of the best-selling video games of all-time.