Take advantage of housing market now before rates rise, expert says

Expert predicts mortgage rates to rise in December and throughout 2022

Homeowners and homebuyers alike should take advantage of low rates now, one expert says, as interest rates are expected to rise. (iStock)

The combination of record-low mortgage rates and strong economic growth has led to both homeowners and homebuyers rushing to buy a new house or refinance their current loan. The result? A highly competitive housing market.

Now, one expert is recommending that both groups act fast, because higher rates are on the horizon for the real estate market.

"Mortgage rates have been rising and will probably continue that way for the foreseeable future," said Jeff Taylor, Mphasis Digital Risk managing director. "While I don’t expect them to rise radically, they will stay slightly higher – in the 3% range – which is still significantly lower than a few years ago. The bond market – which sets the tone for rates – is reacting to sharply higher consumer inflation data, as the CPI rose to the highest level in 30 years."

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Homebuyers and homeowners should act now - here's why

Taylor predicts home prices could increase from 5% to 13% in 2022, with the highest gains occurring in the Southeastern U.S. Although home prices are still rising and the housing market remains competitive, Taylor says that now is still a good time to buy a home or refinance home loans while interest rates are low. 

"Make sure your loan pre-approval is as solid as it can be," he said. "Push your lender for a granular pre-approval that either includes all of your actual documentation that you’ve submitted or actually has the lender’s underwriter review and issue a conditional approval on the loan. With this type of pre-approval, you can compete with cash offers."

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Fed actions unlikely to slow housing market

Many forecasters, including some members of the Federal Reserve, expect the Central Bank to begin raising the federal funds rate as early as 2022. The bank has already begun to taper its economic stimulus, but Taylor doesn't expect the next rate hike until 2023. Regardless of the Fed’s monetary policy, he said, the housing market will remain strong.

"Even if they do raise earlier it won’t affect demand in the purchase housing market due to the fact that there are still four million borrowers looking to purchase homes," Taylor said. "Rental prices have been rising along with the purchase market, so renting is not a great long-term option for those who want to buy a home and build equity to create generational wealth. The only thing that raising rates will really impact is the refinance market, which is already declining."

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