Hulk Hogan slammed by Florida judge in divorce battle

Let me tell you, something brother, Hulkamania can be costly!

Hulk Hogan, the famous wrestler who called everybody brother is now saying uncle following Judge Peter Ramsberger's ruling in a Florida court that Hogan has 30 days from an Aug. 28 judgment to pay his ex-wife Linda Bollea more than $180k in legal fees reports the Daily Mail.

Hulk, whose real name is Terry Bollea, married Linda in 1983 and the pair rumbled to a divorce in 2009. Judge Ramsberger decided that Hulk was responsible for “the vast escalation of fees and costs,” surrounding their prolonged divorce and legal battle to which the Hulkster's ex said the former WWE star has repeatedly failed to pony up payments.

The initial agreement entitled Linda Bollea to 70% of their liquid assets, properties and 40% of Hogan’s earnings from his $115 million Gawker settlement.

Hogan sued website, Gawker, after the gossip site published a sex tape of Hogan containing racial slurs muttered by the wrestler in 2012. The one-time most famous wrestler in the world was then dropped by the WWE and admitted to being a “racist, to a point," but also apologized saying the “language that is offensive and inconsistent with my own beliefs.”

Linda Bollea’s attorney Raymond Rafool told Daily Mail that Hogan “consistently” tried to prevent his ex from “obtaining the discovery proving his failure to comply.”

Judge Ramsberger said, “His early compliance or good faith efforts to timely comply with petitioner's discovery requests would have avoided a considerable amount of time having to be spent by petitioner's counsel in doing what they have had to do in order to accomplish their rightful discovery requests, and properly represent his client.”

Hogan is now on the clock. He has one month to cough up the $170,331.67 in attorney’s fees the ex has tallied-up while fighting the situation plus an additional $10,260.25 in excess costs and legal fees.

Linda Bollea's attorney, Raymond Rafool, shared his enthusiasm for the settlement, “We were rightly awarded 100 percent of our fees, costs and travel expenses and fees requested incurred just to that point in combating Hulk Hogan and his controlled Entities obstructive and costly discovery prevention.”


“Consistently, Hulk Hogan and his controlled Entities did all they can to prevent Linda from obtaining the discovery proving his failure to comply with their marital settlement agreement and diverting of money Linda should be receiving,” Rafool explained to the Daily Mail.