3 spending habits that could ruin your retirement

After years of hard work, many Americans look to kick back and enjoy their golden years. However, there are dozens of habits that can impact the different ways people save for retirement — some good, others bad.

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Financial expert Chris Hogan told FOX Business that “retirement is not an age; it’s a financial number.” So when it comes to saving, be “intentional” but also be “careful.”

In addition, he broke down three habits (also detailed in an article by The Motley Fool) that could ruin your retirement savings.

Buying things just because they are on sale:

While a "good ole" summer sale can be a shopper's dream, it can also potentially derail retirement savings.

“This summertime people are happy and excited, but we can’t buy things simply because they are on sale -- you need to be careful there -- If it’s on sale, you’ll allow yourself to get off track if you don’t stick to a plan,” Hogan said during an interview on “Mornings with Maria.”

Not paying attention to the little things:

Little things may add up later on in life, according to Hogan.

“You need to pay attention to the little things. I’m talking about the subscriptions that we are paying for that we don’t use anymore or the little small dollar amounts that are going out for fancy coffee each and every month,” he said.

Spending extra money just because you can:

Spending extra money, may prevent you from building wealth in retirement.


“I want you to be intentional about your future. Remember your retirement dreams don’t happen because you want them. They happen because you work toward them,” he said.