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From Business School to Startup: CaptainU

Navigating the college recruitment system can be tough for high-school athletes, but a new online business helps these young competitors grab the attention of recruiters.

From Business School to Startup: PayPerks

From frequent flier miles to credit card points, the idea of spending more to earn more rewards has become the norm. But the opposite philosophy is what led Arlyn Davich to launch a small business that rewards people for saving.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business

While buying an existing business may present fewer start-up struggles, the business may be plagued with symptoms that can cause plenty of headaches down the road. FOX Business consulted a team of advisors to find out what buyers should consider before signing a purchase agreement.

Reality Check on Reality Shows and Business

While the immediate benefits of appearing on reality TV are obvious, a strategic entrepreneur needs to have a vision for how to leverage that exposure once the final credits roll.

How to Create Your Own Ridesharing

With the summer driving season about to heat up, and continued political instability abroad, prices at the pump remain precarious.

How States Differ on Divorce Laws

Where a couple decides to file is important because it can determine what laws are applied to things like alimony, child custody and distribution of assets.