Ivan Misner

When Assumptions Can Cost You Business

The truth is, when it comes to networking, not having a lot in common with someone may mean that they can be a connector for you to a whole world of people that you might not otherwise be able to meet.

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leadership

Good leaders respect the process and provide trustworthy leadership themselves in the work environment. They know the right time to move ahead and the right time to sit tight. The team may get excited, anxious or even demanding, and still these strong leaders remain steady and calm.

The Networking Disconnect

To some people, ‘networking’ is a dirty word. They cringe when thinking about going to a networking event. The reason for that is that most people do it wrong.

Don't Jump the Gun When Networking

All you have to have is a good story, product or service and I owe it to you or any stranger (who says he or she has a good product) to introduce him or her to a good contact of mine! Really? People really think this way!?