Jim Lowell

Jim is a nationally recognized authority on investing, and is partner and Chief Investment Officer of Adviser Investments. Jim is an investment columnist for Forbes Magazine, the editor and owner of the multiple award-winning Fidelity Investor newsletter and of The ETF Trader on Marketwatch.com, president of the Fund Family Shareholder Association, and the founder and chairman of The Rankings Service. Jim is the former investment strategist for Boston-based Adams, Harkness & Hill, and has written several books on investing, most recently Investing from Scratch (Penguin, 2007) and What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know (Wiley, 2007). Jim was educated at Vassar College, where he earned a B.A. in philosophy, and holds master's degrees in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School, and in Anglo Irish literature from Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland).  He is an accomplished sport fisherman. Jim lives in Needham, MA.