Shirley Engelmeier

3 Leadership Must Do’s for 2014

Disengaged workers are less likely to be productive, according to Gallup research. Here are three leadership trends that may be able to turn a dysfunctional workforce into a more profitable one.

Going Global: It’s Not About You; It’s About Them

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a player in the global market, a quick look at your web site analytics will show you that people from literally all around the world are attempting to connect with you.

Put Some Ears on Your Small Business

When it comes to doing business, from ancient times to the digital age, relationships matter. You know this intuitively, but it can be tempting to resort to less personal means of connecting with others. Avoid that temptation!

Take a Page from the Corporate Guidebook - Think and Act Globally

There might have been a time when what happened for big business wasn’t applicable for small business. Since everything is now global, we’re all impacted, big or small. Tapping into the knowledge our employees have about new and diverse customers is how every enterprise can play globally.

From Collision to Collaboration: The Power of Four Generations

A generational mix in your workforce is important to your business’s success.  Keep an open mind about the viewpoints, DNA, skills and talent of all generations in your workplace to create a highly functional team and a high performance organization.