Peter Bregman

The Right Way to Respond to Failure

When I sit with you in your mistake or failure without trying to change anything, I’m letting you know that you’re okay, even when you don’t perform. And, counter-intuitively, feeling okay about yourself — when you fail — makes you feel good enough to get up and try again.

The Best Way to Defuse Your Stress

In those moments when my stress erupts, my rational mind doesn’t stand a chance. It’s like trying to use intellectual arguments to talk down a stampeding bull.

When Nothing Works

In some situations, doing nothing – forever – is the right response. 

Don’t Be Nice; Be Helpful

Ron was up next. As a senior analyst in this investment firm — and a good one — he knew a lot about the company he was about to pitch to the management committee.

The Worth-Your-Time Test

Nate Eisman recently started working for a large consulting firm after many years as an independent consultant. He called me a few days ago for some advice.