Buttigieg adviser blasts Bloomberg for story alleging Facebook's Zuckerberg advised on hiring

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's communications adviser blasted a Bloomberg News story as "sound and fury" for suggesting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg advised the campaign on hiring.

"A lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. We get recs from hundreds of people and we've received thousands and thousands of resumes," Buttigieg adviser Lis Smith wrote on Twitter on Monday.

The story hinged on two campaign employees, Eric Mayefsky and Nina Wornhoff, who were hired after Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan recommended them via email in April. Zuckerberg recommended one candidate and Chan recommended one candidate.

"Having seen Mark's visit to South Bend in 2017 and Facebook Live with Mayor Buttigieg, colleagues later asked Mark and Priscilla to connect them with the Buttigieg campaign as they were interested in joining," Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for Zuckerberg and Chan, told FOX Business.

"Mark and Priscilla have not decided who to support for President," LaBolt added.

Mayefsky is a senior digital analytics adviser for the campaign, and Wornhoff is organizing data manager.

"Other people we have gotten staff recommendations from: former Presidents[,] civil rights leaders[,] members of Congress [and] Pete's high school teacher[.] We make staff decisions on how to build the best team in politics, which I'm proud to report we have!" Smith wrote on Twitter.

Zuckerberg and Buttigieg overlapped at Harvard University but did not meet until years later. Interestingly, Buttigieg was one of Facebook's first 300 users, Bloomberg reported.


This story originally stated that Zuckerberg and Chan recommended more than two candidates to the Buttigieg campaign. It has been updated with information from the Buttigieg campaign that Zuckerberg recommended Mayefsky, and Chan recommended Wornhoff.