California café owner charging customers for wearing masks says it is meant to 'fight' Newsom's lockdowns

California still under lockdown 15 months into the pandemic, Fiddleheads Cafe owner said

One California business owner is now charging $5 to customers who wear masks in his restaurant. Chris Castleman, Fiddleheads Cafe owner, a strong advocate against coronavirus restrictions, told "Varney & Co." Monday, that the fee money will go towards charities and that "it's time to fight back against these mandates."

CHRIS CASTLEMAN: It's not a large price to pay and we donate all the proceeds to charity. I think it's it it's time to fight back against these mandates. Like you mentioned around the rest of the country, things are back to normal. You're free in Florida. And right now we're under lockdown 15 months into this still in California. So it's time to fight back. 

The pandemic shuddered close to half the restaurants in town as well. That never reopened again. So it's slim pickings here when… you're looking for somewhere to eat.  

Generally, the mood is great, I mean, people, they like the idea of it, they… might agree or disagree with masks, but I think they understand that the conversation around what is the collateral damage that's been done from the shutdowns, I think they understand that that's a conversation that we need to have now and we need to make sure it never happens again.