Trump in ‘better position’ than Biden for 2024 run, ex-Clinton adviser says

Biden says presidential re-run depends on his health

Former Clinton adviser and pollster Mark Penn said former President Donald Trump is in a "somewhat better position" than sitting President Joe Biden to win the 2024 presidential election on "Mornings with Maria" Thursday.

MARK PENN: I was really surprised that President Biden put doubt in whether or not he is going to run. Leadership rarely does that because you never want to be seen as a potential lame duck.

But let me tell you, as a practical matter, in our most recent polls, he's polling under 40% in Democratic primaries, among Democrats, that's unprecedented for a sitting president. So a majority of Democrats would not support Joe Biden for reelection right now unless he turns his presidency around, healthy or not.

And as to Donald Trump, he is in a somewhat better position. He's getting about 47% of Republicans against a matchup of other candidates. Not a majority, down a little bit, but way in the lead. So he certainly has even more potential right now, if you look at the numbers, of getting the nomination.