Larry Kudlow calls for 'urgent and immediate' investigation into IRS leaks

'Kudlow' host calls the leak 'a little more than coincidental'

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow host reacted Wednesday to leaked tax records of wealthy Americans to ProPublica, calling for an "immediate" investigation on "Kudlow."

KUDLOW: Tax records are supposed to be confidential, but the muckraking group ProPublica, it's kind of left-of-center, they just happened to get their hands on tax records of a number of very rich Americans. Then they just happened to put this out publically on the eve of a left-wing "tax the rich" campaign. Now that kind of strikes me as a little more than coincidental, but truly we don't know for sure. 

If we want more successful Americans to pay more in tax revenues anyway, you know what, the way to do it is to lower their marginal tax rate and broaden the base of deductions and credits. That's the Art Laffer, Laffer Curve solution. But remember, folks, the rich are different than you and I. Not only do they have more money than we do, they practically fund all government at the federal, state and local levels. Most disturbing is the silence emanating from the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who of course is in charge of the IRS. There has just got to be an urgent, immediate investigation of these IRS leaks, or whatever happened and that investigation should be announced immediately, and it should be launched immediately. Not a day longer should be wasted in restoring the trust of the American taxpayer.