Kudlow: Biden is now going more socialist than even Europe

"Kudlow" host says he wouldn't call the G-7 summit a 'fabulous success' for Biden

"Kudlow" host Larry Kudlow criticized both Europe and the Biden administration for their work at the G-7 summit saying that the president did not put "America First."

LARRY KUDLOW: Frankly folks, I've been there, I've been to serval of these G-7 meetings, I've helped draft communiqué, I've worked with President Trump. You can bet Europe will continue to wimp out regarding China's trade abuses and the lack of reciprocity. Remember, China is Germany's biggest export market. Germany sells more Mercedes and BMWs to China than any other place in the world. You think they're really going to be tough on China? I doubt it, folks.

I wouldn't really call this G-7 meeting a great, fabulous success for Biden in the US. I wouldn't really brag too much about it. After all, whether it's climate change, or taxes or spending or welfare, team Biden is basically proposing a European-style social welfare state that in many ways, Mr. Biden is now going more socialist than even Europe. So maybe that's why he feels right at home with that crowd. Folks, Let me suggest, that crowd is not our crowd, and they will only lead us to bad places. The G7 summit didn't put America first. Instead, it hurts America, and instead, it hurts our economy. Maybe there's nothing new there, but at least the guy I work for tried to fight it.