Kudlow blasts 'counterproductive' Biden foreign policy on infrastructure: It's never okay to cyber hack

'Kudlow' host slams Biden's foreign policy move as 'counterproductive'

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow questions why President Biden would give American foreign adversaries a roadmap to the county's most critical infrastructure Monday on "Kudlow."

KUDLOW: I want to just start a little different take tonight because for some reason this show seems to be the only media outlet that wants to cover the strange and mysterious story, the counterproductive Joe Biden decision to share or maybe remind, the rest of the world about our so-called 16 vulnerable and sensitive infrastructure areas. I mean I think this was a huge mistake by Biden, and I think it actually provides target practice for major league cyber hackers like Russia, and China, and Iran, and North Korea… We got nothing in exchange for it I think, and I think we’re unveiling for some folks that is classified information and it's never-before-seen the light of day at least in the context of cybersecurity. We're going to get a handle on that classified business later on, we can’t get a straight answer from anybody. 

In any case, I don’t know it matters anyway, but why did Biden do it anyway. As John Roberts reported on Friday, our own John Roberts, if you look in a good neighborhood, do you want to tell folks some homes can be robbed without any consequences, but other homes, okay, you can rob them? Or you should stay away from them even though there are no consequences? You can’t have that. Life doesn’t work that way. That's not the way our adversaries work either. You are either in or you’re out. It is either okay to cyber hack or not okay to cyber hack. Of course in my view it's America first, it's not okay to cyber hack, period, full stop. By the way, a lot of businesses apparently are up in arms about this because they are rightly worried about cybersecurity, the lack of it. That their businesses may not be protected by this phony idea that somehow some houses can be robbed, and some can’t in the cyber hacking neighborhood.