Kudlow: Biden should have just left the economy alone

'Kudow' host accuses Biden of dropping budget news and 'heading for the hills'

Larry Kudlow hit President Biden's economic spending on "Kudlow" Tuesday, comparing it to the old Bulgarian economy.

KUDLOW: Late last Friday afternoon, that is late Friday afternoon of the long Memorial Day weekend, when basically no one was looking, President Biden finally put out his budget. Now, that's when you drop bad news on the media world on a long weekend on Friday night, you wait to the close of business and then you head for the hills. So there was minimal coverage, and what coverage there was mostly about the usual stuff, six trillion and more spending, four trillion more in higher taxes, deficits as far as the eye can see, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Not much really good coverage.

Right now, we are in an economic boom, we are in a Trumpian boom from low taxes, minimal regulation, energy independence, operation warp speed vaccines and so forth. Biden should have just left it alone. Folks, I don't want Bulgaria. You don't want Bulgaria. I'm not even sure Biden really wants Bulgaria. How about instead, a nice dose of America First free enterprise optimism? Therefore, we will never become Bulgaria. Why not try that?