Kevin McCarthy: The greatest 'threat' to free speech is from politicians pushing companies to be 'government'

House minority leader reveals the threat of Big Tech censorship

House minority Kevin McCarthy discusses the threat of Big Tech censorship and the push for private companies to function as the government on "Fox Business Tonight."

KEVIN MCCARTHY: The greatest threat to free speech isn't coming from a law in Congress because it's bound and protected by the First Amendment. Where it's really coming from is these politicians pushing these private companies to become government and utilize them just like they're doing on the go fund me that the politicians are pushing because they don't like what the truckers are doing, don't provide them the money or the YouTubes don't put ours up. Or, you've watched time and again what Google and the others have done, but they're also protected by government itself that their liability protection. But if they're going to pick and choose what can be said on their platform, whether they're following through on what their mission is of passing money through, they should no longer have that legal protection. They should be able to be sued. And we need to look at from an antitrust perspective, what are they doing to other small businesses moving up? This is exactly why I moved to use Rumble instead of YouTube. I've been on Rumble as the premier one that I utilize in one month and I have more followers than the years that I've been on YouTube that will tell you right there enough about what people are using in these private companies to be even more powerful than government itself to deny our voice.