CBS vs. Lt. Gov. Fairfax: Latest in a long line of lawsuits

CBS is being sued once again... this time for $400 million.

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The latest suit, announced late this week has Virgina’s Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, filing a defamation lawsuit against CBS for airing an interview of two women who accused the politician of sexual assault.

The interviews with Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Watson aired in April on "CBS This Morning" with Gayle King and discussed incidents that allegedly took place with Fairfax back in 2004 and 2000.

Fairfax has denied all allegations and is seeking the large settlement for severe emotional distress.

This is just the latest headline-grabbing lawsuit the "Eye" network has found itself over the years. Here are some of the networks biggest, some in terms of money, some in terms of publicity.

Here is a closer look at where this almost half-billion-dollar suit ranks amongst the networks all-time courtroom battles.

General William Westmoreland Vs. CBS $120 million

Gen. William C. Westmoreland during Hollywood Desert Storm Welcome Home Parade at Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

General William Westmoreland came after CBS and reporter Mike Wallace in 1982 for $120 million in a libel suit because the war hero felt the network unfairly portrayed his involvement in the Vietnam War, and more specifically, the Tet Offensive which he commanded.

The famed military leader went to trial in 1985 and days before the jury was to begin deliberation he dropped his suit. There was no monetary settlement and each party agreed to pay their own legal fees.

Verdict -- $ 0 paid

Dan Rather Vs CBS -- $70 million

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 16: (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Journalist Dan Rather visits SiriusXM's POTUS Politics with host Dan Abrams at SiriusXM Studios on May 16, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

At one time, Dan Rather WAS the symbol of CBS. But after more than two decades the one-time anchor of "The CBS Evening News" and the network he called home fell into acrimony.

Rather, sued CBS, Viacom (CBS and Viacom were then part of the same company as they soon will be again) and others in September 2007. Rather claimed he was being blamed to “pacify the White House” in the wake of a scandal over a 2004, report on then-President George W. Bush’s had received special treatment while serving in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War in order not to serve in Southeast Asia.

A New York State appeals court dismissed the case where Rather claimed that he took the blame and CBS breached his contract and its fiduciary duty by not giving him enough on-air assignments after he was removed as "Evening News" anchor. He was fired from the network in 2006 after 44 years with CBS.

Verdict -- $ 0

Shareholders Vs CBS -- $200 million

Shareholders are on the attack in this ongoing lawsuit against CBS over a large amount of stock being timely sold-off. At the center of this lawsuit, Les Moonves, whose sexual assault allegations and firing following the stock dump led many shareholders to suspect insider information responsible for the fire sale prior to the revelations and ultimate hit on stock prices. The outcome of this case may depend on the close of the Viacom-CBS merger at year's end.

Verdict -- $ unknown

CBS chief executive officer Les Moonves arrives at the premiere of CBS Film's "Extraordinary Measures" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, January 19, 2010. The film was the first film to go into production for CBS films and it ope

Burke Ramsey Vs. CBS -- $750 million

JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke came after CBS hard after the network ran a story that painted him as his sisters killer.

The grieving brother sought $750 million in damages for the networks docuseries, "The Case of JonBenet Ramsey" about the unsolved murder of his six-year old sibling in 1996. In 2019, two years after the series aired, the suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Burke’s father’s $50 million dollar suit was also dismissed as part of the agreement.

Verdict -- $ unknown

Chuck Norris Vs CBS -- $30 million                                                                                             Action star Chuck Norris waged a fight against the network over unpaid royalties for his hit show, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which starred Norris and aired for 8 seasons from 1993-2001. Norris and his company Top Kick Productions filed the suit in Los Angeles in 2018 and it has since been forced into arbitration.

Verdict -- $ undecided

Victoria Rowell Vs. CBS – $ undisclosed amount

Victoria Rowell went after CBS and Sony Pictures in 2015 when she felt she was unfairly fired from soap opera “The Young and the Restless” where she played Drucilla Barbara Winters for 14 years. In her suit, where she was seeking re-employment and back pay for lost wages, the actress alleges that she was fired for being too outspoken about advocating for African-Americans on the show. This lawsuit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Verdict -- $ unknown

Charlie Rose Assault Victims Vs. CBS -- $ undisclosed amount  

Three women Katherine Brooks Harris, Yuqing “Chelsea” Wei and Sydney McNeal, who worked with and for Charlie Rose and CBS sued the anchor and the network after declaring they were victims of sexual harassment by the anchor of "CBS This Morning." The plaintiffs settled for an undisclosed amount while Rose was terminated over these and other allegations.

Verdict -- $ unknown

Charlie Rose is an American reporter and tv journalist and former talk show host. From 1991 to 2017, he was the host and executive producer of the talk show Charlie Rose on PBS and Bloomberg LP. Rose also co-anchored CBS This Morning from 2012 to 201

Max Baer Jr (aka Jethro) Vs. CBS --$ undisclosed amount

Max Baer Jr., better known as Jethro from the 1960s hicks leave the sticks,  “Beverly Hillbillies,” came after CBS when he found out the network cut a side deal with a restaurant in Iowa, superseding his existing deal, to use the Jethro name and likeness. The rib joint, Jethro’s BBQ, was in the middle of the lawsuit which has been dismissed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dalila Corral Lyons.

Verdict - $0

Dr. Galloway Vs. CBS -- $30 million

In 1983, Dr. Carl A. Galloway sued CBS for $30 million following a “60 Minutes” in 1978  wherein it alleged that the doctor had signed false medical reports in an insurance fraud case. The suit was also dismissed because, during the trial, a handwriting expert backed his claim that the signature was a forgery. When Galloway appealed the judgment, in the original ruling was upheld.

Verdict -- $ 0

Ballengee Vs. CBS -- $15 million

Samuel Ballengee launched a failed lawsuit against CBS seeking $10 million in punitive damages and another $5 million in compensatory damages

Ballengee, owner of Tug Valley Pharmacy, accused the network of presenting statements that implied that he was making millions by illegally dispensing dangerous drugs during a report on the "CBS Evening News."

A federal judge dismissed the case against Ballengee

Verdict -- $ 0