Biden presidency ‘scripted,’ comms team nervous about what president will say: Mercedes Schlapp

Allowing Biden to speak makes for a very difficult situation because he always puts his foot in his mouth, Schlapp says

Former White House strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp joined "Fox Business Tonight" to discusses President Biden ignoring questions from the press after his meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

MERCEDES SCHLAPP: I think there is so much nervousness that surrounds this White House communications team. They’re very concerned, it seems to me, about what President Biden will say. They like to have a very scripted president, and let me tell you, it worked during the campaign. During the election they could hide him in a basement, he didn’t have to answer a lot of questions, but now as president it’s a different ball game. You have these reporters coming in, they want answers. I think there’s a huge frustration coming out of the White House press pool, as we have seen they filed a complaint. Being pulled out of press events, and not being able to ask any questions especially during a bilateral meeting, which usually in a case like this you would have a press conference with your counterpart from another country to be able to talk about the big issues that are impacting both countries. And that doesn’t seem to be the way the White House comms team is driving this narrative.