Sen. Barrasso: Democrat spending represents ‘big government socialism,’ will cost them the House in 2022

Republicans are not going to rubberstamp Democrat spending, says Barrasso

Senate Republican Chair John Barrasso argued on "Kudlow" Wednesday that President Biden’s "reckless" tax and spending plan would leave the American people holding the bill for this "massive government expansion."

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO: Whenever you have a 50-50 Senate that should be a mandate to go to the middle. Whenever you’re at this point where the debt ceiling needs to be raised, that is supposed to force a discussion about ways to get spending under control. Ronald Reagan did it with Tip O’Neill. Even Barack Obama came out with the Bowles-Simpson effort to talk about getting mandatory spending under control. The Democrats don’t want to do that this time, they’re not interested at all in talking to Republicans. What they want to do is spend and spend and spend all the way through the time they lose the House and lose the Senate in 2022.