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You’ve bought the ‘stuff’ now consider the ‘stock’

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Jane Barratt is thefounder and CEO of GoldBean, an online investing platform that helps peoplestart their investment journey with companies and brands they love, know, andbuy. GoldBean is an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Did you know that the averageAmerican spends about $800 on gifts over the holidays?The hours we spend planning, shopping and wrapping are long forgotten by thetime the January credit card bill comes.Instead of dreading the consequences of your holiday spending, look forpatterns. What companies do you think were successful this holiday season?The holidays are a great time to look for trends. Both economic trends (arepeople feeling positive and spending more) and investment trends. (whatcompanies are making the most popular gifts, for example).For example, it was only a few years ago that Amazon $AMZN started to ‘own’ theholidays. And frequent mall trips were replaced with towers of boxes to yourhome. From just 2 years ago their stock price has almost tripled. There’s bigmoney in changing behavior.So in the next few weeks when you tackle your credit card bill, remember – yourdollars always end up somewhere. Follow the money and remember that it’s yourspending that drives the economy – so why not use what you're seeing to growyour portfolio?At the end of January, GoldBean will behosting a series of webinars on exactly this – invest in what you know, andlearn as you go. Designed for ‘infrequent investors’ – these webinars willdemonstrate how to use your own spending to generate investment ideas.And if you’re all set with ideas and strategies, these sessions will be a greatway for the people in your life who always wanted to start investing, butdidn’t know where to start. Sign up details coming soon!In the meanwhile – Happy New Year!

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