Yogurt is New York state's official snack, but food plant workers getting pink slips anyway

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An upstate New York yogurt company says it's laying off more than 30 workers, an announcement made just as yogurt became the state's official snack.

Local media report that Bogota, Colombia-based Alpina Foods said Wednesday it will lay off 32 employees at its plant in the town of Batavia, between Rochester and Buffalo.

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Company officials say they're cutting the workforce in response to the early end of one of its principal contracts. Alpina reported having about 50 full-time workers and another 40 part-timers at the two-year-old plant last year.

The company says it remains committed to western New York.

The announcement came around the same time Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that makes yogurt the state snack, and on the same day a yogurt and dairy summit was being held in Ithaca.