Why Pacific Biosciences of California's Stock Gained 12% Last Friday

By George BudwellFool.com

What: Pacific Biosciences of California , a next-generation gene sequencing company, saw its stock rise by more than 12% last Friday on 10 times the average daily volume, over the last three months. This double-digit surge in Pacific's share price appears to be carryover from the company's unveiling of its latest product,"The Sequel(TM) System". The Sequel System is smaller and less costly to operate than Pacific's other top of the line sequencer, the PacBioRS II System.

So what: Although the Sequel System is undoubtedly a major advancement that could help to finally unlock the promise of personalized medicine, the more immediate issue is that it may boost Pacific's top- and bottom-lines.

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Now what: Pacific is reportedly showing off its latest creation at theAmerican Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) 2015 annual meeting this week in Baltimore, Maryland, and is also holding a workshop on the device's core technology at the same meeting. As such, investors and potential buyers alike should be getting better acquainted with the device as this meeting progresses, which may drive further volatility in Pacific's share price in the near-term.

Over the long-term, though, I think Pacific is going to continue to be a leader in this pivotal area of biomedical research, meaning that this stock may be a good choice for patients investors willing to let this powerful new technology come into its own.

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