Why It’s Time to Rethink Sales Altogether

By Alex Low via Iris.xyz

“When does your quarter end?”. That was the first question that was asked by a prospect of a sales person I was talking to last night.  Why did the client ask that? Because they knew that if it wasn’t, he would wait until it was as he would get a better “deal”.

Here’s an idea

As we move towards quarter-end and year-end for a lot of sales teams, the pressure is on. All the tactics come in to play. The price is going up in the New Year, my hands are tied, you don’t have to invoice us until end of Q1 next year, I just need to get the deal signed off. Yes, you will get all those add-ons. Good luck to customer success on delivery of that one.

I get it. I have been in your shoes, both as a grunt and a manager. It is not easy.

You all proclaim to be customer first and client centric organisations. But look at the majority of sales and marketing collateral, websites and other channels. It is all very self-serving. We are delighted to announce that. We acted for. We led on this deal. How is that customer centric? How about something like, “Delighted to see client X complete on x project on time and in budget. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to support you on this”. Just an idea.

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