Why Elon Musk Sleeps in a Sleeping Bag

Model X. Image source: Tesla.

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is just now ramping up production and deliveries of its Model X SUV. But the launch has been marred by a range of quality issues, parts shortages, and other growing pains. There have been a handful of reports of early Model X units having a wide range of problems, inevitably taking a toll on Tesla's lofty share price.

Just yesterday, reports surfaced that two high-level production executives were leaving Tesla over Model X issues, although Tesla said the departures were not related to Model X. CEO Elon Musk has now taken matters into his own hands. He's even sleeping in a sleeping bag on the Fremont factory floor.

GoodnightOn last night's conference call, Musk noted that he's spending quite a bit of time on the factory floor right now to personally oversee quality improvements on Model X. First-quarter production of the all-electric SUV jumped fivefold sequentially to over 2,600 SUVs, although that's coming off a fairly small base since Tesla only delivered about 200 Model X vehicles in the fourth quarter. Said Musk:

Fixing these early Model X quality issues is incredibly important, since fears around quality that are created by the negative media coverage could be hurting order conversion rates (which already appear to be a little low). Fortunately, the limited cases that we've seen are largely anecdotal and appear to only affect a very small number of units, albeit some of the bad cases are really bad.

The good news is that Tesla is making meaningful progress. Musk said that last Friday at 3 a.m. Tesla produced its first "flawless" Model X that had "zero issues." The company is now seeing several "flawless" units roll off the production line.

Don't just take Musk's or Tesla's word on it, either; the active enthusiast community on Tesla Motors Club has also taken note of substantially fewer quality issues over time.

Sleepover's almost overOf course, Musk won't always be camping out in a conference room. It's just that Musk goes where his direct oversight is most needed.

As Tesla continues to work out the growing pains with Model X production, Musk will probably find somewhere else to sleep.

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