Why BP is Such an Interesting Stock Right Now

In this clip fromIndustry Focus: Energy, Motley Fool analystsSean O'Reilly and Taylor Muckerman explain what about BP(NYSE: BP) has put the company on their radar this week, compared to other companies in the oil and energy space.

A full transcript follows the video.

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This podcast was recorded on Sept. 22, 2016.

Sean O'Reilly: I wanted to talk about,you're an analyst for one of our services,doing very well up there in Canada,I wanted to pick your brain a little bitabout a stock that is interesting right now.Taylor Muckerman:Yeah,I think this is something that we'll continue, right? Maybeat the end of every show, we'll highlight one stock?O'Reilly:We'll see how it goes, yeah. If people hate it, we'll stop.Muckerman:Yeah. So, this being the first time, maybe the last time, I'm going to go with an integrated, and I think BP right now stands out to me above the fray.O'Reilly:Now, if Tyler Crowe were here, he would be all about Total.Muckerman:Yeah, he's definitely a Total boy.O'Reilly:Why should I go with the British and not the French?Muckerman:I think with BP,it's more of a traditional energy play. Totalis more and more getting into renewable energy.O'Reilly:They own half ofSunPower.Muckerman:Exactly.BP is generating some pretty solid cash flow, good yield. They've taken on debt since the Macondo spill, but they've done ita little bit more prudently thansome of their larger peers.I just think that management has pulled some of the right levers. Revenue and income is down in the last couple of years, as it is with everyone now. The cash flow is still there, and it has a great free cash flow yield, which is something you value when you'relooking at the sustainability of the dividend.O'Reilly:Are you doing this as acontrarian playto that movieDeepwater Horizonthat's coming out?Muckerman:Yeah, maybe,because ticket sales suck,maybe the price of BP will go upbecause people don't remember what happened. The more people that get exposed to it,the worst the share price will be. They're going to drum up the bias again and, no, I don't think it'll have any impact on shares.O'Reilly:Great time to be a value investor!(laughs)Muckerman:Yeah,I don't think it'll have any impact on shares. It's five years behind us. I think all their legal liabilities are handled.O'Reilly:Kind of, sort of?Muckerman:Yeah. The bulk of them. The worrisome portions.O'Reilly:Got it. So, they're donehanding out sacks of money to people that ask for it.Muckerman:Yeah. I'm not an investor in it, nor am I with any integrated, but it's something I've been looking at lately.

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