WatchESPN streams go down during Rose Bowl, leaving mobile, tablet, PC users without game

Associated Press

Fans looking to watch the Rose Bowl on their tablets or computers got an error message during the first half instead of the WatchESPN stream.

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The cable network's online feed of the first College Football Playoff game went down Thursday night, leaving anyone looking to watch the game anywhere besides a television out of luck.

The stream appeared to begin working again for at least some users during halftime.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz says the network is sorry for the inconvenience. He said during the third quarter of the Rose Bowl that the issues appeared to be largely resolved.

The stream feeds video services on tablets, phones, computers and other streaming devices like console game systems.

Incensed viewers sounded off on the issue on Twitter, where #watchespn began trending in the United States.

ESPN had promoted the playoffs on TV and online in an email during the first half.