Victoria's Secret 'angels' descend on London for gala lingerie show

Rhinestones, feathers, glitter galore — the Victoria's Secret models have crossed the Atlantic for the lingerie label's first catwalk show in London.

The 47 models are showing off the brand's most extravagant creations, including jewel-encrusted bras worth $2 million each and "angel wings" — the models are known as "angels" — made of gold.

Security was extremely tight for reporters allowed a glimpse backstage, where models including Karlie Kloss and Alessandra Ambrosio, donned hair rollers, pink satin robes and flip flops while getting their makeup ready and pouting for cameras.

Model Lily Aldridge called it a "little slumber party that we get to have in London" — albeit an expensive and slickly managed one. The show, typically a glitzy and over the top affair, will feature a performance by pop singer Taylor Swift and a guest list of more than 3,000 people.

And unlike most mainstream fashion shows, Aldridge and other models walking for the lingerie label are encouraged to dance, flirt and interact with the audience.

"There's no better energy. You can be sexy and have fun and smile. You get to let your personality shine, so I love that," Aldridge said.

She was looking forward to hitting the dance floor at the post-show party.

"Yeah, I'm going to dance tonight. I'm going to probably eat pizza. I'm very excited about it. I packed a Cadbury fruit nut bar," she said, laughing.

Outside the shows, hundreds of fans stood in a light drizzle hoping for a glimpse of the models and the expected celebrities.