Union Official: Greek Union Strike Coming in June

Greece's public sector union will stage a 24-hour strike in June to protest against the government's new package of austerity measures and planned privatisations, a senior union official said on Tuesday.

"We want to block the new measures, prevent what has been decided. We will continue until we succeed," the general secretary of public sector union ADEDY, Ilias Iliopoulos, told Reuters. "We will stage a 24-hour strike in June."

The most possible date for the nationwide strike is June 21, he said, adding that its private sector sister union GSEE would most likely also call a strike for the same day.

GSEE, Greece's largest union, said it would decide next week.

Greek unions staged a general strike on May 11 and some 20,000 marched in Athens to protest against the belt-tightening, one year after Greece resorted to its European peers and the International Monetary Fund for a 110 billion euro bailout.