Trump complains about interest rate rises

President Trump used an interview to take the Federal Reserve and its chairman to task on Monday.

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Trump is "not thrilled" with his own appointee, Chairman Jerome Powell, for raising interest rates and said the U.S. central bank should do more to help him to boost the economy.

The President made the comments during an interview with Reuters.

The White House has historically stayed out of Federal Reserve matters because its independence has been seen as important for economic stability.

Trump has departed from this past practice and said he would not shy from future criticism should the Fed keep lifting rates.

In the Reuters interview, Trump said the Fed should be more accommodating on interest rates.

The Fed has increased raised interest rates twice this year and is expected to do so again next month.

After leaving its policy interest rates at historic lows for about six years after the 2008 global financial crisis, the Fed began slowly raising rates again in late 2015.

A Fed spokesman declined to comment on Trump’s remarks on Monday.

Financial market analysts doubt current Fed policy makers are likely to be cowed by Trump's outbursts over their policy choices.