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Can you believe this December will mark TradeKing’s firstdecade of existence? Those ten years have flown by – and yet what anextraordinary difference ten years makes!

To cite just a few milestones: ten years ago, Twitter wasnonexistent. (It launched three months after TradeKing did, in March 2006.)Neither did iPhones. (Those revolutionized the smartphone market in 2007.)Social media was in its infancy: Facebook wasn’t even two years old in December2005. And it’s fun for traders to stroll down Wall Street memory lane and checkout these hottest stocks of 2005.

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In the online brokerage space, things were very differentprior to TradeKing’s launch. Confusing pricing tiers. Sub-optimal customerservice. Too much double-speak. No mobile trading at all, and very limitedsupport for options traders. Back then it was difficult to improve your tradingskills with educational resources, almost impossible to connect with fellowtraders in a productive, supportive environment. I’m proud to say TradeKingchanged all of that.

We’re preparing to mark this milestone next winter bycollecting stories from various folks who’ve made this journey with us. We’reinterviewing TradeKing employees, partners, and allies of many kinds to learnhow much of a difference ten years can make – and what role TradeKing played inthat difference.

We’d love to gather client stories as part of this effort,too. Have you traded with us since the very beginning? Or have you achieved anyfinancial milestones in the last decade with the proceeds from your TradeKingaccount? Or has TradeKing played a key role in your investment or trading lifein some other way? Whether you bought a house or a car or sent your kids tocollege with your TradeKing account, or just moved your account balance fromzero to a few thousand, we’d love to hear your story.

Email me at and include the phrase “10Years, 10 Lives” in your subject line. We’re looking forward to hearing fromyou!

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