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TradeKing Midday Market Call Recap: SPX, VIX, GOOG

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Analysis from’s Dave Forster:

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Discussion from TradeKing Options Analyst Brian Overby:


Dave Forster’s Chart of the Day is Google – symbol GOOG

Support / resistance

Brian Overby’s potential strategy based on Dave’s chart – GOOG – Long Put Spread

GOOG – Bearish Strategy - Long Put Spread

GOOG - Bearish Strategy – Out-of-the-money (OTM) Put Butterfly

GOOG – Neutral Strategy – OTM Short Call Spread (from Dave Forster)

TradeKing Options Tools used:

TradeKing Long Put Spread

TradeKing Short Call Spread

TradeKing Long Butterfly with Puts

TradeKing Volatility Charts

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