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TradeKing Midday Market Call Recap: DJI VIX, KO

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Analysis from Quick Takes Pro’s Michael Kahn:

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Discussion from TradeKing Options Analyst, Brian Overby:


Michael Kahn’s Chart of the Day is Coca Cola – symbol KO

Support / resistance

Brian Overby’s potential strategy based on Michael’s chart – KO – Long Call

KO – Possible Conservative Strategy - Long Call

KO – Possible Speculative Strategy - Long Call- Buy 1 KO Sep 38.75 Call (market was Bid 0.99, Ask 1.02)- 39 days until expiration- Total net debit is 1.02 if we take the Ask. - Maximum potential loss is the debit paid of $1.02- Maximum potential gain is unlimited if KO goes to infinity (which of course is unlikely)

- Total commission to enter this trade is $5.60

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