The Top 7 Jeff Bezos Quotes on Business, Technology, and Life

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It's good to be Jeff Bezos. The (NASDAQ: AMZN) founder and CEO has seen his personal fortune balloon in tandem with the rise in his company's stock. His $67 billion net worth makes him the fourth richest person in the world today.

Bezos is also regarded as one of the most inspirational and quotable business leaders today. Here are just a handful of some his wisest words on success, business, technology, leadership, and life.

Jeff Bezos on business

Much of Bezos' success can be attributed to his untraditional views on business and strategy, views that he embedded in Amazon from day one. In his 1997 letter to shareholders, Bezos laid bare his intentions for Amazon:

Bezos -- and Amazon, by extension -- is also unique in his customer-centric business philosophy. Here's how Bezos characterizes his and Amazon's approach to winning and keeping customers:

Jeff Bezos on failure

Bezos' brilliance shines through in his attitude toward failure. In fact, he describes Amazon to prospective employees as "the best place in the world to fail." In his most recent letter to shareholders, Bezos summarized his thinking toward failure this way:

Jeff Bezos on technology and innovation

With interests in cloud computing, e-commerce, space exploration, and more, Bezos has a front-row seat to many of the fastest-growing areas of technology. In an entertaining interview from this year's Code Conference, Bezos seemed particularly fixated on the potential of artificial intelligence. When host Walt Mossberg asked him about the state of AI, Bezos said:

Mossberg's questions also turned to Bezos' efforts in expanding Blue Origin and his motivation to help develop the budding private space flight industry:

Jeff Bezos on life

Bezos' unique perspective on life has also garnered plenty of attention over the years. Indeed, his thought process led him to leave his lucrative job at the quantitative hedge fund D.E. Shaw to found Amazon. Here's what he said in an interview with 60 Minutes:

Bezos also made waves when he bought The Washington Post in 2013 and moved his personal efforts into the news media. In light of the controversy surrounding Gawker's bankruptcy at the hands of another tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, Bezos has fielded a lot of questions on his views of the media. One of his answers, while dealing with Gawker and Thiel specifically, also contains a sizable dollop of worldly wisdom:

Of course, this list merely scratches the surface of Bezos' entertaining and insightful quotes. What's more, with Bezos just 52 years old and Amazonapparently clicking on all cylinders today, it seems likely we'll continue to enjoy Bezos' wisdom for many years to come.

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