The President's Disconnect with Economic Reality

The president just told everyone that he is going to continue with his same policies -- the policies that aren't working and that will make stagflation (slow economic growth, high prices and high unemployment) worse. He is going to assure that this country will not grow and that prices will rise quickly, and wages won't.

Unfortunately, 90% of those in this country just don't understand this. However, what makes this even worse is that while electing not to change direction towards fixing the economy, he has also decided to put our entire country at risk, to a point that no other president ever has previously.

In publicly saying he does not desire a balanced budget, the president has in effect said that he will continue to increase our debt  to other countries. This makes us beholden to those countries, and makes us more vulnerable economically as well as from a national security policy standpoint.

It is tough to play hardball economically when we are asking those same countries to fund our national debt.

So the president this week told the country that his approach (which isn't working) will continue and, although there is no evidence of any of it working, it will actually be accelerated.

This country is at the breaking point financially and spiritually. We cannot stand back and allow the destruction of the economy without informing those 90% of what is happening, and what is about to happen to them.

The disconnect of what the president just said must be clearly connected to all Americans. We need to bring perspective and knowledge into the public domain. I firmly believe that if all Americans heard what the president said -- in plain economic language --  they would be outraged.