Taxing America's Largest Corporations Infographic

It’s infographic time!  We’ve been hearing about the 1% of peopleand/or corporations not paying their fair share a lot in the news lately. Onething that surprised me as I absorbed the data from this graphic was just whois paying the overwhelming share of taxes in America. Wasn’t it just a fewyears ago we had congress calling for new taxes on “windfall profits” the oilcompanies were making from high gas prices? Did anyone else know the Big 3 OilCompanies in America have 40-45% tax rates? Check out the contrast to GE andAT&T. GE has a tax rate of 7.4%! Is that paying their fair share? Whatabout AT&T? Does anyone know why they get back over a billion dollars intax rebates? 

What do you think? Are these companies payingtheir fair share? Should Oil Companies pay those rates or are they justifiedfor the amount of profits they pull? Should other companies pay much less orshould they get hit with a higher rate?

Disclosure: Don holds one share of AAPL in his nephew's custodial account. :)

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