Stocks will push higher this summer

By Hengfu HsuCovestor

Most major indices finished the first quarter of 2013 with double digit gains. Mid Cap stocks led the pack, with S&P 400 Midcap Index up 13% in 2013 Q1, followed by Russell 2000 Index, up 12% in 2013 Q1, while large cap index S&P 500 advanced 10% in 2013 Q1.

We continue to expect 2013 to be a stable year for investments as global recovery and strong corporate earnings momentum continue. We believe, like 2012, 2013 should be another good year to pick individual stocks as correlations between stocks remains at normal level.

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Equity market took an expected pullback in February, giving many investors an opportunity to participate in the growth. We expect equity market to take another minor pullback in April to relieve current overbought conditions, and we believe sideline money will then push all major indices into all time high this summer.

Our 8 IRA accounts behind our 8 Covestor Models currently hold near 200 securities, diversified across Equity, Fixed Income, and REIT asset classes, covering all 10 major sectors (Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Health Care, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Telecommunication Services, and Utilities). It is our firm belief that diversification is one of the key elements to long term investment success.

Our best performing Covestor Model for 2013 Q1 is our Opportunistic Value Model, which was up 26.8% during 2013 Q1. Opportunistic Value Model looks for undervalued mid/small cap stocks through computer algorithms without using any margin or leverage.

Our worst performing model in 2013 Q1 is the Tactical Fixed Income Model, which went up 5.3% during 2013 Q1.


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