Spain must decide whether to seek aid: German official


Spain must decide whether it will tap funds from the euro zone's new bailout facility and should not look to Germany for guidance, a senior German official said on Wednesday ahead of an EU summit where Spain's woes will be on the agenda.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Spain was on the right course with its reforms and reiterated Berlin's support for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's center-right government.

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"It is up to Spain to decide whether it wants to seek support," the official said. "It is not Germany's role to give Spain a red or green light."

The official said that, under planned institutional reforms to help tackle the euro zone crisis, Germany could envision central intervention in national budgets when they are in violation of EU rules.

(Reporting by Noah Barkin; Writing by Gareth Jones; Edited by Stephen Brown)