Sheriff Clarke: The Opioid Epidemic is More Than a Border Issue

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Sheriff Clarke on Trump’s southern border wall

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the importance of improving security at the U.S. southern border.

FBI Director James Comey, on Wednesday  spoke about how Mexican cartels are spreading opioids throughout the United States.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes that President Trump’s administration understands the seriousness of the opioid epidemic and also sealing up the southern border.

“…they [Congress] are going to have to seal that damm border for domestic security issues, national security issues, the heroin, the drug cartels operating freely across the border is a domestic security issue…it doesn’t matter how many people you deport, they are going to find their way back in,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

Clarke suggests that there is an opioid epidemic in the U.S., saying that it has reached a ‘crisis level,’ but goes on to say that the drug cartels aren’t the only cause of the opioid problem in the U.S.

“American citizens are dying every day and so there has to be a renewed sense of urgency about stemming the tide….This has gone on for too long. They are also going to have to look at the way some of these pain killers are dispensed by American doctors, how freely this stuff is given out,” he said.

Clarke blames Congress and the old administration for the lack of border security.

“They’ve been fooling around with this for the last 30 years. Tip toeing around the issue making believe that they are doing something the former president of the United States Barack Obama kept telling us that the southern border is secure, it is not secure. The sooner we get down to business here the better off this country is going to be,” he said.

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