Roster of largest TIGER grants, by congressional district

The Transportation Department doled out $584 million in September for 72 so-called TIGER grants for transportation projects. Thirty-five went to congressional districts represented by Democrats and 24 were awarded to districts represented by Republicans. Thirteen others went to projects crossing district lines. The largest grants were:

— $25 million to help fund a replacement bridge spanning Democratic-held districts in Maine and New Hampshire.

— $25 million for pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements in predominantly Democratic New York City, including a project in the Staten Island-based district of GOP Rep. Michael Grimm.

— $24.9 million for a bus corridor linking a Richmond, Virginia-based Democratic district with areas formerly represented by GOP Rep. Eric Cantor, who resigned this summer.

— $24 million for the Mountain Parkway in an eastern Kentucky district represented by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, a Republican.

— $20 million to upgrade the Port of Seattle, which is in the district of Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott.

— $20 million to upgrade Ruggles Station, a subway, commuter rail and bus terminal in the Boston district of Democratic Rep. Michael Capuano.

— $20 million to create an elevated portion of Florida's Tamiami Trail to help restore the Everglades. The project is in the districts of both a Democrat and Republican.

— $18.8 million for a pedestrian bridge linking a new housing project with Chicago's lakefront in a Democratic-held district.

— $17.9 million for rural road improvements in areas of southwestern Mississippi represented by Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson and GOP Rep. Gregg Harper.