Room with a view: Red Sox turn Fenway Park luxury box into overnight stay as contest prize

Associated Press

Curt, your host, looks familiar, and so does the view pictured in his Airbnb listing. If you still haven't figured it out by the time you get to the house rules, the top one on the list should be a giveaway:

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"Do not, under any circumstances, put bloody socks in laundry."

That's right, Fenway Park has joined the sharing economy, with its own Airbnb listing. But it's not so the Boston Red Sox can pick up a little extra cash as they stumble to their third last-place finish in four years. It's part of a one-night only contest with a prize that includes two tickets to the Sept. 2 game against the New York Yankees.

After the game, the winner can sleep in a specially outfitted luxury suite, followed by breakfast atop the Green Monster.

The contest is sponsored by the online room-rental service.