Rooftop garden veggies delight fans and chefs alike at Boston's iconic Fenway Park

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There's more green at Fenway Park than the infield or the monster wall.

The Red Sox are growing vegetables and herbs in a rooftop garden for use in food and cocktails sold at the concessions.

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Red Sox Facilities Manager Chris Knight says the 5,000-square-foot garden was inspired by fans' desire for healthy and sustainable menu options.

Sox fan John Bunker of Palermo, Maine, calls the garden an exciting development for visitors looking for a salad or a wrap with vegetables.

Crops are planted and maintained by Green City Growers, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in rooftop gardens. It uses lightweight soil to protect the roof's structural integrity.

Rob Abell, senior executive chef at Fenway concessionaire Aramark, says it's great to have a farm 150 feet from the kitchen.